My Inspiration

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Author. Educator. 
Chief Book Officer @ Homerooom #104. 

As a little girl, I began most mornings with a walk down a long, narrow hallway. With artwork painted by little hands plastered all over the walls, there was an energy and excitement that made my heart skip a beat. I always knew something fun and new awaited me. Nudging through the horde of other kids, I would make my way to the end of that hallway to one of my favorite places in the world—my classroom. Students buzzed and squirmed in their seats. Then, a Shuuush! came over the room. It was time for our teacher to take attendance and share the morning announcements.

It was time for learning to begin.

I loved the idea of coming to a place where I knew good things would happen. A place that gave me the inspiration and information I needed to be productive. A place that sparked my curiosity and creativity each and every day.

That is what Homeroom #104 is all about. I created this online community because I knew there was a need for somewhere and someone who could get to the heart of the matter—to provide teachers, parents and communities the support they needed to help students achieve educational excellence. I knew that books could be a bridge between students and the greater community. I knew there was a need for a place to put literacy, to put education, to put our children first.

This is that place.

Homeroom #104 is a place where we help all children to love themselves, their neighborhoods and the people around them.

Homeroom #104 is a place where new stories are told and created.

Homeroom #104 is a place where learning begins.